Frequently Asked


How often do you ship and fulfill orders? When should I expect to receive my coffee order?1/7
We roast coffee five days a week, Monday through Friday. Monday through Friday, coffee orders are collected at 6 a.m. MT, roasted that day, and shipped the same day. Orders placed after Friday at 6 a.m. and over the weekend are typically roasted on Monday.

All orders of $35 or more ship for free. Otherwise a flat-rate shipping charge of $5 applies to all orders of coffee and equipment.
Do you ship internationally?2/7
We do not ship internationally at this time.
Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases of coffee?3/7
Our 5-pound bags are a prudent option for a group of coffee lovers at home, the office, or a special event. For orders above 25 pounds, please contact us directly at​. If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale partner, you can learn more about our program ​here.
I've never tried Duotone Coffee before. Where should I start?4/7
Our products are sold exclusively online on this website. If you experience difficulty in proceeding with a purchase or you have questions about our products, you can contact us using the contact form found in the contact us page. We will answer your query within a few hours.
Does your coffee have a shelf-life?5/7
We recommend brewing our coffee within four weeks of its roast date. Store it in a cool, dry place, but don’t refrigerate it. It is possible to freeze coffee for later enjoyment, just make sure it’s sealed (preferably vacuum sealed!) in an airtight container to keep moisture out.
Why doesn't your coffee say light/medium/dark roast?6/7
With each of our coffees, we aim to bring out the sweetness, balance, and flavor profile inherent in each unique coffee we source. Most of our roasts will fall somewhere around a light to medium range on a traditional roast scale, but we encourage everyone to look at the flavor profile of each coffee and choose coffees that align with their preference.
Do you have an espresso roast?7/7
While we don't have a dedicated roast, all of our coffees have the potential to be great prepared as espresso depending on your preference. That being said, we will often tell you in the coffee description if we thing a particular coffee or blend makes an especially good espresso.