Choose Your Coffee Subscription

Choose Your Coffee Subscription

Taste the best we have to offer when it comes to coffee. Select from the options above to customize your subscription to you liking. You can cancel or modify your subscription any time you like!



With our classic coffee subscription, you'll get one 10 or 12 oz bag of simply delicious coffee delivered to your door with each shipment. You can expect a heavy body and flavors like chocolate, toffee, and nuts with subtle fruit notes. These coffees will be delicious on their own but will also work well with your favorite milk.



With each shipment of our wild subscription, you'll receive a 10 oz bag of coffee that makes you stop and be amazed at all that coffee can offer you. The broad flavor spectrum ranges from bold fruits and intense spice to delicate florals and pleasant citrus. Don't limit yourself. We won't either.


Side A

Our Side A Blend is a true crowd-pleaser for fans of light to medium-light roasts. It's made up of seasonally rotating coffees that feature a light floral aroma with lots of raw, honey-like sweetness met with a bit of bright acidity.


Side B

Side B is our most developed roast, conveying persistent sweetness, a framework of unrefined sugary flavors like molasses, raw panela and toffee, raisin and roasted almond accents, and deep chocolate flavors.

This is what others might call an espresso roast as it is a blend of seasonally rotating coffees roasted to mix well with milks of any kind; however, lovers of pure medium to dark roasts will still enjoy Side B brewed with a filter or immersion brewer.


Take 5 Blend

Our Take 5 Blend has half the caffeine but doesn't sacrifice on flavor. Put it in your french press, brew it in your V60, or pull a shot with your espresso machine. It doesn't matter how you make your coffee; this one will keep you happy without putting you over the edge.


Side A

It's the perfect addition to your after-dinner dessert or your nightcap. Sit down and savor our exceptional Lowercase Blend.It's comfort in a cup that won't keep you up. Chocolate, almonds and a hint of fruit amount to an exceptionally sweet cup that you won't want to (and don't have to) put down.


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