Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder



There's no piece of equipment that has a bigger impact on your brewing quality than your grinder. Timemore's Chestnut C2 is an excellent manual grinder at an approachable price that will help you elevate your coffee game to the next level. 

Featuring a 38-millimeter stainless steel conical burr set, dual bearing stability, and stepped grind adjustment, the C2 incorporates PCTG plastic into the build where you would find some of the metal or wooden parts on other grinders. This plastic cuts costs while still providing sturdy build quality internally.


  • Full grind range with stepped adjustment
  • Dual bearings for grind axle stability
  • All-metal body with plastic internal construction
  • Checked pattern for grip and comfort
  • 38 mm conical steel burrs
  • 25 gram capacity
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