Lowercase Decaf

Lowercase Decaf
Decaf that doesn't disappoint.
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EA Sugarcane
Caramel, dried cherry, hazelnut, nougat, red apple
Lowercase Decaf


About This Coffee

If you've never heard of Lowercase music, we wouldn't blame you. Artists of this niche genre of music test the boundaries of music by taking the quiet, oftentimes unheard, sounds of life, amplifying them, and mixing them into elaborate compositions.

With our Lowercase decaf, we strive to offer a coffee that not only cuts the caffeine but also tastes great. Lowercase is a seasonally-rotating coffee chosen for versatility, roasted to work with or without milk, as espresso or brewed coffee.

Historically, decaf coffees have had an odious reputation. Traditional methods for decaffeinating coffee are known to remove not just caffeine but also much of the flavor of the coffee as well.

However, recently, a new method of decaffeination using sugarcane-derived ethyl acetate as a solution has grown in popularity. This method produces decaffeinated coffee that retains more of its flavor, is chemically safe, and is more economically beneficial to the producers as it can be done in small batches in-country.

Right now, Lowercase is made up of a single coffee from the Cauca region of Colombia. You'll get some dark cherry sweetness alongside some classic flavors of hazelnut and chocolate from the cup.