Juanambu Canyon

Juanambu Canyon
Balanced sweetness and acidity with a nice heavy body. This one slaps.
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Nariño, Colombia
Black cherry, caramel, grape & tropical fruit
Juanambu Canyon


About This Coffee

Nariño is a small department on the corner of Colombia that borders Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean. The region sits just a hair above the equator, and some of the highest-grown coffee in the world is found here. The towering altitude, framed by warm days and cool nights, is the perfect environment for slow coffee maturation and concentrated sugar development in coffee cherries.

The lush canyon and idyllic green landscape around the region are influenced by six volcanoes, enriching the soil with minerals that supplement the growth of the unique coffees found here. Producers in Nariño are smallholders, often with tiny plots of less than one to two hectares that dot the steep terrain in remote locations.

This micro-lot drew select coffee from 123 smallholders in the Buesaco and Arboleda Berruecos municipalities on land that spans 1700 to 2200 masl. Their livelihoods depend on agriculture, and annual coffee harvests play a significant role in Nariño’s economic activity. That’s why farmers here are heavily invested in improving quality and yield so that they can harness the full potential of this stellar region.