Doing our part to keep coffee green


Sustainability and coffee go hand and hand - or, at least, they should. With global warming threatening to change the way coffee grows drastically, it only makes sense that the coffee industry should be at the forefront of green business practice. While we believe there will always be more that we can do in this area, we are working hard to make sure that our design and packaging works towards this goal. Keep scrolling to learn more about our efforts to work sustainably.
PaPer Cylinders
For our 12oz size, we are utilizing cylinders made from uncoated paperboard. These are low-density, moisture resistant, strong and durable, but still easily recyclable and food-grade certified.

Many paper cylinders used for coffee are lined with plastic, but, by opting to use a compostable bag inside the cylinder we were able to make these cylinders fully renewable and biodegradable.

p.s. They also look and feel amazing so you'll probably want to figure out ways that you can reuse them!
Inside our 12 oz cylinders, we are using a 100% biodegradable and home compostable bag. We don't print anything on these bags so that we can order in smaller quantities to avoid waste from the limited shelf-life that accompanies compostable packaging.

The bags also include a one-way gas valve to ensure your coffee stays at its freshest on its journey from us to you.
Glass Jars
For our 4oz size, we went in a slightly different direction and opted for glass jars with metal lids. It's well known that glass is one of the most recyclable materials out there (infinitely so, in fact), so we thought that it would make a pretty good vessel for smaller quantities of fantastic coffee beans.

Whether you reuse or recycle, rest easy knowing these jars are helping to reduce the footprint your favorite coffee leaves behind.